• Today SharePoint is a highly adopted platform for content, document and record management, intranet and extranet corporate portals, business collaboration platform and many more opportunities provided by rich and powerful platform created by Microsoft.
    SharePoint development and consultancy is one of the services offered by creativity. We have dedicated team to provide end to end solutions using SharePoint. We have deployed customized solutions and provided consultation on SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 (SharePoint Online) to organizations across the globe.

    We offer SharePoint in two broad categories:
    SharePoint Consulting
    Our highly skilled consultants streamline your electronic communication and record management strategy with their world class experience and up to date knowledge. We offer SharePoint Consulting in following ways:

    Document and record management strategy.

    Electronic communication strategy.

    Online collaboration platform designing.

    Organization wide workflow designing and implementation.

    Centralized information store design from organization wide systems.

    Integration and optimization of various business process around SharePoint offerings.

    Internet and intranet content management processes and strategy

    Meta data and enterprise wide search

    SharePoint Development
    Our highly skilled development team has experience in the following areas of development:

    Workflow customization (using SharePoint designer and Visual Studio).

    Web part development.

    SharePoint branding

    Site definitions

    Event handlers

    Content types

    Authentication model (forms/windows/claim based authentication)

    Timer jobs

    Custom visual web parts

    Excel service integration

    InfoPath forms

    Business data integration

    Customized list forms

    Customized permission settings on data and views

    Search customization

    Optimization of SharePoint storage

    Third party webpart and toolkit integration

    Payment gateway integration with SharePoint

    Shopping cart solutions

    SharePoint 2010/2013 Development

    SharePoint Online (Office 365) Development

    We continuously work on new opportunities and possibilities related to enhancing business processes and user experience with SharePoint.

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    SharePoint Migration
    We understand that SharePoint is a powerful tool for your business. And it may be fruitful to upgrade to avail the benefits of the latest technologies. We cater to such needs, and escort you in seamless SharePoint Migration outsourcing.
    We provide solutions for using ready-made tools for data migration, and also for custom data migration tools for SharePoint 2007/SharePoint 2010/2013 migration. Migrating to a higher version of SharePoint ensures the usage of new features and a better use of technology for your business.

    We follow a rigorous and foolproof procedure in SharePoint 2007/2010 migration, by

    Identifying and estimating the key features in each migration

    Understanding the common features involved in the migration

    Studying the various forms, view, and mapping for the SharePoint 2007 / 2010 migration

    Thoroughly analyses and provide improvements, if necessary, during the SharePoint migration phase.

    Usage of workflow tools ensures a smooth transfer of technology, without any hindrances

    Our expertise is built on world class, business centric and formidable SharePoint migration projects.
    Migrating SharePoint from a lower to a higher version involves a lot of changes in hardware and software as well. We ensure that the minimum hardware and server requirements are met. Our team understands data interdependencies, selects the appropriate programs, and chooses the best services for migration.

    Teaming your SharePoint Migration with creativity ensures

    Solid, well written plans for glitch free migration

    Standardized technology

    Operational efficiency



    Importing files directly from file systems

    Single solution for SharePoint Migration for all versions

    Migrate sites, rights, lists, views and permissions

    Backup of data

    Testing at regular junctures helps in accuracy

    Comparison tools track changes between sites/versions.

    Re usability, with no services required.

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    SharePoint Business Intelligence
    The SharePoint business intelligence software attempts to gather, order, analyze and distribute an organization’s business data so as to play a part in key decisions like costing, future ventures and performances.
    SharePoint 2010/2013 business intelligence teams with attendant software like Excel, SQL server PowerPivot and SQL Server Reporting Services. The capabilities of our SharePoint BI team include

    End-user data creation, manipulation, and analysis using excel services

    Dashboard, Scorecards, and Key Performance Indicators

    Work with large, heterogeneous data sources

    Custom reporting using SQL Server Reporting Services

    Automated distribution lists

    Graphs and charts for rapid data visualization

    Business intelligence and data warehousing complement each other. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with SharePoint gives the liberty to work with larger data sets from sources like Access, Oracle, Analysis Service Cube, Teradata and numerous other data feeds. It ably integrates the data, for smoother collaboration.
    KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a visual cue that shows the amount of progress made towards a goal. KPI usage helps to ascertain where an individual or a firm stand, in meeting with the deadlines and excelling them.

    Our team aims to generate SharePoint Business Intelligence with the advantages of:

    Accurate and intelligent reporting: Critical information can be obtained quickly, by providing precise reports.

    Superb dashboards for business intelligence: Visual tools like charts and graphs help visualize better, and summarize the results.

    Systematic excel reporting: Customizable API’s and intuitive user interface help in bridging the data and collectibles.

    Analytic vies, scorecards and plans: Cost analyses, formidable prospects and future ventures can be judged by our superb subsidiary plans for your business.

    Our end user tools provide the advantages of

    Excel services in SharePoint server

    Performance point server

    Our business intelligence Platforms also provide the services like

    SQL Server Reporting

    SQL Server Analysis

    SQL Server RDBMS

    SQL Server Integration

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    SharePoint Branding
    SharePoint branding and designing is a key element in any SharePoint development project. We are so much caught up in the technical phases of any project, that we outlook the visuals. SharePoint branding brings freshness and liveliness to our business venture, and hence it is a very core factor in any SharePoint venture.
    Our team create sites which are engaging and highly usable. They reflect the organizations’ brand identity, which should be attractive, to please and impress the clients.
    We are concerned about the ‘look and feel’ of your SharePoint website, and think of out of the box user interface, because we understand the importance of an attractive and stimulating web experience for your visitors. We have mastery this art which requires much more than just graphic designing expertise.
    Usability and durability, along with adoption of the technology can be personified by the usage of branding. You can benefit by getting the branding done by us in the following manner:

    A sense of place – Most employees have a sense of pride in the company in which they work. Branding the firm instils and cements this feeling, resulting in better team approach and success in the business outing.

    Visual Queues – Branding and graphical assets reinforce organizational structures, thus helping in ascertaining the needs of specific business areas.

    Building Trust – One of the most important benefits of branding. It sends a message that someone is working, and that the company is serious enough to brand the environment which reflects the standards it sets for its employees as well as clients.

    Endpoint specifications – Not everyone is tech savvy. The hours of productivity gained can be mapped because of branding.

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    SharePoint Work Flow Design & Development
    Any business task which needs some other tasks to be done in order to reach the end of that business task is called a workflow. SharePoint workflow is based upon the Windows Workflow (WF) Foundation and is a set of activities which are executed. In short, it adds application logic to a site or application without having to write custom codes.
    The SharePoint designer workflow is a very appropriate tool by means of which flow can be defined based on set of available conditions and actions. This workflow can then be associated with any document library/list so that it triggers various actions based on matched conditions.
    The Windows workflow foundation aims at delivering a common framework for building workflows into Windows applications.
    Our team has in-depth knowledge about the tools and components of SharePoint workflow designer like


    Host Process


    Workflow designer

    Workflow foundation and workflow foundation runtime engine

    Get benefited in the following ways by working with us

    Control – Access controls and other admin rights can be enjoyed by managers.

    Efficiency – As approval steps are numerous and crucial, the efficiency of the website or application is maintained.

    Intelligent views – Dynamic environments can be dealt with accordingly because SharePoint workflow provides intelligent views at regular intervals.

    Ease of use – The simple and lucid user interface is one of the best commends which a Creativity designer earns.

    Accountability - SharePoint workflow provides a structural and organized feel to a firm, because it ensures that proper and timely work is done by each member of the business.

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    SharePoint Webparts
    One of the main services of SharePoint is the SharePoint webparts, which is very useful for those who want to work with Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and have the agenda of Business Intelligence.

    Creativity constantly improves and polishes its skills in SharePoint webparts, and because of it, you can avail the benefits of:


    No need of coding when webparts are present

    Re-usability of the webparts is also a very important aspect, as they can be used with ventures of other Business Intelligence tools.

    We guide and support you in developing quality applications using SharePoint webparts; and also cater to post installation queries and troubleshooting.
    By teaming with us, it streamlines the business processes and enhances the performance of a team. By implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013 webparts, you avail:

    The ultimate data visualization Integration

    Easy to use business intelligence so
    ftware and applications

    Point and click customizations

    By using SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 webparts for your custom needs, we help you in:

    Data Analysis

    Streamlined Business processes

    Collaboration enhancement

    Workflow management

    Maintain documents and task lists

    Reports management

    Search proficiency

    Server application

    Central administration

    We take care of your custom needs and desires. This helps in creating an edge over the competitors and also strengthens our relations with clients.
    No aspect of your custom webparts needs will be left unattended. Timely and prompt delivery is always expected from Creativity. The best communication standards are maintained for easy exchange of information and ideas.
    The highly qualified development team study and analyses your requirements thoroughly, thus helping us in serving you within the budget and requisite time limits.

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