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    Masaj: Therapy session booking Platform

    Masaj's Massage and Therapy Session Booking Application streamlines appointment scheduling with easy booking steps and an auto-assign feature that directs users to the nearest available agent for efficient service. The app also offers gift vouchers for special occasions and a secure wallet feature for convenient payment management. With a focus on convenience, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Masaj provides a hassle-free experience for users seeking professional massage and therapy services.

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    Masaj: Therapy session booking Platform


    Massage & Therapy

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    Booking platform


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    Design, Development, QA

    The Challenge

    Masaj, a therapy and rehabilitation company specializing in home massage and therapy sessions, encountered several challenges due to the lack of a proper system and mobile application. One significant issue was the inability of their agents to reach customer sites on time, leading to delays and dissatisfaction among clients. Additionally, they received numerous complaints regarding their staff's behavior, but without a system in place, they struggled to address these issues effectively. Other challenges included difficulty in managing appointment schedules, coordinating with therapists, and maintaining customer records accurately. These challenges highlighted the urgent need for Masaj to implement a comprehensive system and mobile app to improve scheduling efficiency, enhance staff accountability and customer service, and streamline overall operations.

      Our Solution

      We provided Masaj with a tailored system and mobile application that effectively addressed their challenges. The system included features such as real-time scheduling and route optimization, ensuring that agents reached customer sites promptly and efficiently. The mobile app allowed customers to book appointments easily, provide feedback on staff behavior, and access therapy resources and information. Additionally, the system enabled Masaj to track staff performance, address customer complaints promptly, and maintain accurate records for better management of sessions and customer relationships.

        Key Features

        Discover unique attributes, highlighting flawless design, strong coding, and state-of-the-art technology.

        • Convenient booking

          Allow users to schedule massage appointments with ease, selecting their preferred date, time, and therapist.

        • Automatically assign staff

          Automatically assign the nearest available staff by leveraging Google location data to minimize travel time.

        • Digital Wallet

          Store funds securely in-app for hassle-free payments.

        • Gift Vouchers

          Buy and redeem massage gift vouchers effortlessly to share the gift of relaxation.

        • Appointment Reminders

          Send automated reminders to users and staff members about upcoming appointments, reducing the likelihood of missed bookings.

        • Staff reviews

          User reviews help improve service quality and assist in selecting the right massage therapist.

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