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    Cleopatra: Ecommerce Mobile App

    The Cleopatra Gold Jewelry Ecommerce Mobile App revolutionizes gold jewelry shopping by offering live gold rates, seamless integration with Kuwait PACI, and a making charge calculator for transparent pricing. With its intuitive UI/UX design, personalized recommendations, secure payments, and responsive customer support, the app ensures a premium and enjoyable shopping experience for users seeking luxury gold jewelry.

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    Cleopatra: Ecommerce Mobile App


    Gold Jewelry

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    iOS, Android, Web


    Design, Development, QA

    The Challenge

    Managing a mobile app for a gold jewelry shop presents several challenges. Firstly, user authentication is crucial due to the valuable nature of gold transactions, requiring strong identity verification. Secondly, real-time synchronization of gold prices is essential to reflect market changes accurately. Additionally, ensuring the security of user data is paramount to maintain trust. These challenges highlight the need for robust security measures and efficient technology to ensure a seamless user experience.

      Our Solution

      To tackle challenges in the gold jewelry business, several strategic solutions have been identified. Integration with PACI's Kuwait Mobile ID app strengthens user authentication, enhancing transaction security. By integrating the Ministry's Gold rate API, real-time synchronization of gold prices ensures competitiveness. Additionally, the inclusion of a Zaka'at Calculator aids in fulfilling religious obligations. To prevent fraud, a Making charge calculator ensures transparent pricing. These solutions collectively streamline operations, bolster security, and enrich the overall customer experience in the gold jewelry industry, positioning the business for success in Kuwait's market.

        Key Features

        Discover unique attributes, highlighting flawless design, strong coding, and state-of-the-art technology.

        • PACI's Kuwait Mobile ID App

          Incorporating PACI's Kuwait Mobile ID App to verify user authenticity.

        • Gold rate API

          Using a Gold rate API enables real-time tracking of gold prices.

        • Making charge calculator

          An instant way to calculate and authenticate the making charges offered in the market

        • Ring Sizer

          Determine your ring size conveniently with just a few taps on the application.

        • AI robot assistant

          Integration of an AI bot that encourages customers to buy gold at fair prices.

        • Prompts and notifications

          An AI based system, which prompts the customers with regards to changes in Gold prices and their order's current status.

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