Head counting solution

  • What is head pro ?

    Head pro is the wireless head counting technology which is installed on Entrance. It works with laser sensors to detect human presence in a specific diameter. The product is made with the art of technology gives complete analytical report for the number of people entered in the mall. Its first wireless technology which only require power. It connects with wifi based device and give report on internet which can be accessed through computer. The adjustable range of the device make it unique from its family of head counting system which can be adjusted with the height of the door or can be installed on the roof to make count easy and accurate .Its an independent product which works with its own algorithm of counting.

    Why Head counting solution?

    The Head Pro solution is aimed at equipping the mall management with all the vital information regarding the number of people who are entering and exiting the mall's various entrances and exits, thereby helping them to better plan and manage various aspects of mall and retail management. The importance of keeping track of the volume of customers in today's retail environment cannot be understated, and companies and organisations taking advantage of this technology, early on, will no doubt reap the extensive benefits of this people counting solution.

    Some of the benefits provided by such a solution include:

    Measuring the Impact of Advertising and Promotions

    Setting and Refining Store Hours

    The Impact of Weather on Traffic

    Sales Conversion – Turning Shoppers into Buyers

    Staff Planning

    Analysing and planning for Special Events and Holidays

    Multi-location Traffic Analysis

    Your return on investment for your advertisement is been gaged by flow of people and we provide you a perfect solution which keeps you update for all your business and help you to identify the right promotional activity to get the best result of your advertisement investment.

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