Clinic management solution

  • General Information:
    The Clinical Management System is intended for the complete streamlining of the clinic and business operations, a one system solution for delivering optimal patient treatment flow and complete documentation of the treatment outcomes.

    Features List:

    Responsive UI

    Support any type of Databases

    Easy Export / Import of Data

    Very Simple to Install / No Configurations Required

    Easy to Manage

    Functionality / Modules:

    Patient Registration.

    Patient EMR

    Patient History Management

    Patient Report Generation / Export to CSV/PDF Ect.

    Patient Billing History.

    Patient Due Management

    Patient Pathology Payments

    Patient Pharmacy Management

    Stock Management

    Stock Addition / New Stock analysis

    Medicine Audit

    Pharmacy Stock usage Analysis

    Pharmacy Patient Distribution Analysis

    Pathology Due Management

    Pathology Agents Managements

    Pathology Share Calculation

    Expense Management.

    Refund Management

    Clinic Analysis

    Revisit Patient Management

    Overview Patient Department.

    Search Patient By date.

    View Under Stock Medicines

    Pharmacy Bill Management

    Lab Tests Expenses Management

    Two way SMS application.
    Two way SMS solution help you to setup easily response by SMS. Once a user receive an SMS and he want more information related with any product or service he can send back SMS to same number for getting more information of the desired product or service. This is turnkey solution for all business to make traditional SMS into an interactive technic for communication.

    Who can use this solution :

    Real estate company.

    Exhibition halls and marriage halls.

    Government departments for awareness program.

    School & Collages.

    Hospital and clinics.

    Social institutions.


    Retails and super market.

    Training institutes.

    Highlighted Features :

    Admin can customize the reply back.

    Admin can view login and activity log of user.

    Can edit and fill information of the user.

    Can assign inquiry to the user.

    Can view credit left on the account.

    Admin can view message history.

    Can download data in excel sheet.

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