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Ever since Google has launched its Material Design language, there has been a noticeable shift in its UI design and the way apps look and work. It uses consistent design patterns that can be used across different medium in custom app development.

The benefit of using Material Design is that Google has done the UI and UX research, so individual developers don’t have to. Therefore, customers benefit because they can learn the apps faster, due to consistent navigation and behavior.

In Detail

Having a consistent style throughout the app or the whole app ecosystem, makes it easy for the users to find their way around the app in the first critically couple of seconds, when most uninstalls would happen. Think about opening an app with material design, it really doesn’t matter which: You will most likely have a short animation of some kind, which makes it instantly look valuable and that someone cared about the design.

Drop Shadow

Material Design uses drop shadows, bold colors, and multiple layers to highlight and organize its content. And though it incorporates plenty of straight lines, Material Design isn’t bound by strict rigidity — and if you’re an Android user, you’re likely already seeing more curves cropping up already. Instead, it uses movement with the clear intention of guiding someone and inspiring action.

Some cool features:

  • Change / Add / Update Colors
  • What’s cool about this is, it can understand where the color is being used and accordingly generates shades/tints.

  • Typography management
  • This allows you to create the type hierarchy which is visually similar!

  • Shapes
  • This is something new and the core of material design as this is about updating the material(card/shape)! You can define custom shape based on your brand.

  • New icon styles
  • Are you like me who was irritated with a limited choice of icons and solid style? Well, now we have different styles of icons.

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