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    Mostashari: Cosultation Booking Mobile Application

    Mostashari Mobile application revolutionizes healthcare with a plethora of cutting-edge features. Users can seamlessly book online consultations, leveraging the convenience of video and audio calls for personalized healthcare interactions. Rapid chats enable swift communication between consultants and customers, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of queries. The application prioritizes security and ease, offering multiple payment gateways for hassle-free transactions, ultimately enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services for users.

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    Mostashari: Cosultation Booking Mobile Application



    Project Type

    Booking Platform


    iOS, Android, Web


    Design, Development, QA

    The Challenge

    The Challenge

    Facing significant challenges, the platform had to integrate Video calls, extend ongoing sessions seamlessly to maintain service standards, and enable audio calls. Additionally, allowing users to seamlessly pick up audio calls through the native call screen of their device was necessary. Overcoming these hurdles necessitated meticulous planning and execution, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for clients engaging in consultations through the platform.

      Our Solution

      Implementing solutions for the platform involves several key components. Incorporating Video Call functionality through third-party API integration enhances communication capabilities. Adopting a simplified and dynamic User Interface improves user experience and engagement. Integrating a Commission module ensures accurate tracking and distribution of consultant income. Employing an encrypted key enhances privacy and security, safeguarding conversations between users. These solutions collectively contribute to a robust and user-friendly platform for consultations, fostering trust and efficiency among users.

        Our Solution

        Key Features

        Discover unique attributes, highlighting flawless design, strong coding, and state-of-the-art technology.

        • Video Calls

          Users can have personalized video consultations with consultants for interactive engagement.

        • Audio calls

          Users can opt for audio consultations for enhanced flexibility and convenience.

        • Instant chat

          Messaging feature enables users to communicate with consultants via text, sharing information, asking questions, and receiving responses in real-time

        • Consultant Profiles

          Detailed profiles of consultants, including their expertise, experience, and ratings, help users make informed decisions when selecting a consultant.

        • Appointment Scheduling

          Users can book appointments with consultants at their preferred date and time, streamlining the consultation process.

        • Prompts and Notifications

          Push notifications keep users informed about upcoming appointments, messages from consultants, and other important updates.

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